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Trainee Lawyers

(Update: Until further notice, there are no programs available during 2013.) 

We aim to exceed your expectations and progress your career to reach your true potential in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive working environment. Working in a teamwork environment, with the absence of “billable hours” targets placed on lawyers, you will not only benefit from the experience and knowledge of your mentor but from the entire team. As part of our commitment and investment into your career we will develop and improve your legal skills, business skills and communication skills to ensure you not only become a competent lawyer but an effective business advisor. Our wide range of areas of practice and vision to expand globally and internationally will provide you with strong foundations to develop your skills and expertise. You will be provided with the highest quality of professional training, continued professional development and guidance to achieving and maintaining a healthy work and lifestyle balance.

Our Clerkship program is designed to provide you with invaluable legal experience, an overview of the company’s culture and an insight into what a rewarding, motivating and challenging career you will experience when working in our dynamic and supportive team. Your Clerkship program will consist of working with a team of lawyers on various files with exposure to clients, court cases, mediations and attendance to our activities and functions.

Once individuals have completed their academic requirements, they must complete their Supervised Workplace Training (“Traineeship”) and/or a Practical Legal Training (“PLT”) course, and comply with the admission requirements under the Rules including providing particular information to the Board of Examiners prior to applying for admission to the Board of Examiners.  In Australia, the admission requirements vary from state to state. Each law graduate will need to satisfy the Law Institute’s guidelines depending in which Australian state they wish to gain admission. Upon gaining admission as a legal practitioner, you are then eligible to apply for a restricted practising certificate.

In Victoria, approved practical experience for admission to the Supreme Court of Victoria requires law graduates to complete a ‘Traineeship’ with a legal firm or office, working under the supervision of a practitioner and/or externally with an accredited Practical Legal Training provider. In addition, trainees must complete training in the “Competency Standards for Entry Level Lawyers” developed by the Law Admissions Consultative Committee and the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council. The only area of training that is required to be provided by an external provider is ‘Ethics and Professional Responsibility’. 

For our Melbourne office, our Traineeship Program to be completed over 12 months is specially designed to ensure law graduates acquire appropriate understanding and competence in the following areas of skill, practice areas and values:

In addition, law graduates will be provided with a mentor and trained in two practice areas, working with a team of lawyers in a team-oriented environment sharing their knowledge and expertise.