Titanium Lawyers - Our Team


We are a new, innovative and growing company and welcome applications from qualified lawyers wanting to work in a flexible and friendly working environment with the removal of “billable hours” targets to monitor productivity. We are always pleased to discuss informally the benefits of working with us. We are currently recruiting in all areas of practice with a medium term view of establishing offices globally.

We have created a working environment that is focussed on teamwork without the pressures of documenting billable hours to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients concentrating on the overall performance of the company. Our focus on the company’s performance and not on the individual’s performance allows us to appreciate that each team member is valued and seen as an individual with different working styles and the need for a balanced lifestyle. This unique culture allows each team member to not only obtain necessary support but also provide each other invaluable experience and knowledge with a focus on the client.

Our friendly working environment is built on respect, loyalty and the highest work ethics by supporting each other without the traditional business structures of legal practices. This allows the appropriate balance between the experience of legal practitioners and costs to be achieved when assembling a team to provide the best and most effective legal solutions to help our clients achieve their objectives. We are committed to ensuring our team achieves professional and personal fulfilment and acknowledge that our most valuable asset is our team. We have created a working environment that encourages career development to achieve your true potential within a balanced lifestyle.
We look forward to hearing from you.