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Why is Titanium Lawyers different?

What makes Titanium Lawyers unique? We care about you as an individual and offer you genuine opportunities to reach your true potential. We understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle. We appreciate the importance of family, leisure and flexibility to a successful long term career. We can see beyond individuals achieving targets for billable hours. Our philosophy is for all individuals to work as a team with a focus on the overall performance of the company. We care about your career, your family and your well being. We are constantly expanding so we’re always recruiting talented and motivated individuals wanting to work in a successful environment that rewards dedication and enthusiasm.

Titanium Lawyers’ innovative approach to operating a successful law firm allows us to recruit a passionate and dedicated team. Each team member will find working for Titanium Lawyers not only a rewarding experience but a firm that allows each individual the flexibility and support not only to support your career but your individual lifestyle. Titanium Lawyers is an innovative firm dedicated to providing the highest professional standards focusing on teamwork to achieve the optimal result for our clients. Our business objective is to create a unique business model where the majority and not the minority of our workforce are financially rewarded.

Titanium Lawyers is an incorporated multi-disciplinary legal practice where the emphasis is on providing the best possible outcome for our clients. We strongly believe that to attract the very best talent to our company we need to create a working environment that is focussed on teamwork without the pressures of documenting billable hours. Our focus is the company’s performance and not on the individual’s performance which allows us to appreciate that each team member is valued and seen as an individual with different working styles and the need for a balanced lifestyle. This unique culture allows each team member to have control of their own performance.

One of the major benefits of being an incorporated legal practice is that unlike the traditional partnership structure all team members and clients have the opportunity to become shareholders in Titanium Lawyers. With a medium term view of achieving listing requirements and floating on the Australian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, the law firm is focused on the company’s overall long term performance to create shareholder’s wealth resulting in all shareholders being rewarded as the company’s earnings per share increases.

In addition, being an incorporated legal practice, Titanium Lawyers will establish a Board of Directors with a wide range of backgrounds focused on achieving client’s objectives and growing the company for the benefit of all shareholders. Instead of the traditional legal practice structure where partners may focus on short term financial objectives, Titanium Lawyers will be able to re-invest earnings and raise capital to grow the company with a view of expanding globally. Each team member will have the opportunity to participate in employee share and option plans. Preference will also be given to loyal clients and team members when issuing additional shares and/or options prior to listing.

Whether you are a lawyer, seasonal clerk, graduate, legal assistant or a support professional, please click on the relevant recruitment link to discuss a career with Titanium Lawyers.


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